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Meet Ruth

About Me

Hi, I'm Ruth, an award winning, multi-accented, female voiceover and character voice actor. I'm a professionally trained actor and dubbing voice talent. From audiobooks to games, animations to corporate, documentary and commercial, I can provide you with the voices you need.

My voice is very versatile and I have a wide array of characters. In 2019 I won the Sovas Award for 'Outstanding Anime: Best Female Voiceover' for the character 'Tock' in Rooster Teeth's RWBY series. My native Scottish brogue is just one of the large range of accents that I can effortlessly slide between.

I am after all.... The Tartan Chameleon!

For my rates, click the rate card below.

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I have a custom built, broadcast quality, home studio in my garden, fitted out with professional studio recording equipment. It is soundproof, acoustically designed and treated to suit my voice. It's a great space to work.

My remote recording capability means that no matter where in the world you are, we can work together to provide the perfect voice for your project, when you need it.

From my home studio I have performed, recorded and produced voices that have appeared in award winning animations, TV broadcasts, AAA games, documentaries, adverts and audiobooks.

Studio Equipment includes:

Neumann U87ai mic

GML 2032 pre amp & EQ /channel strip. (Beautiful crystal clear, uncoloured pre amp).

Universal Audio Apollo Thunderbolt Interface

Apple Mac Quad Core i7 computer 

A range of pro music creation and production software including:

Pro Tools 11,

Isotope RX and

Universal Audio Plug-ins

Source Connect and Skype are available on request.

For detailed studio spec. and equipment list, click the button below.


Professional Quality Home Studio


November 2021


Well its time for my yearly update!

Yeah, yeah, I know.....It’s supposed to be every month.......But I have been ultra busy.

Since my last news update sometime in the 1800s, a lot has happened..........


In late May, we moved house to beautiful Dumfries & Galloway. As we were in the process of moving, I remembered that Karen Campbell, the author of the very first audiobook I did ‘This is Where I Am’ lived somewhere in the area so I got in touch and to my delight it turns out that we actually now live in the same small town! 

We have since met quite a few times for coffee or lunch and it turns out she is great company as well as being a fantastic writer.

Once we got in our new house, I had about six weeks without a studio

as my partner Bruce toiled to create a state of the art one for me.

I loved my studio at the old house but this one is even better!

It's got triple thick walls with room for bookshelves and I can also do

admin comfortably in there too. And more importantly, it sounds ace!

Audiobooks continue aplenty both from the big publishing houses I

work with and with independent authors. I haven’t counted exactly but

I believe I have now passed the 150 title mark.These include quite a few

non-fiction books including the wonderful ‘Climate Justice’ by the

ex president of Ireland, Mary Robinson. A very apt book for our

troubling times. I also narrated the longest book I have ever done,

‘Scotland, A Complete History’ by Alastair Moffat which was a massive

23 hours long! and a fascinating book called ‘Beasts Before Us

by Elsa Pancrioli about the evolution of mammals.

In other dubbing news I am excited to announce that I have been cast

as the voice of Neva, a magical bear, in Boonie Squad,

the new TV series for pre-schoolers by Fantawild Animation.

I am currently working on this and have already done about a

half of the 51 episodes! I don’t know yet where it will be shown but I

will update as soon as I know. PROMISE :-) 

In the meantime here’s a screenshot of the Boonie Squad

(I’m the white one with the little purple antler things).

I'm delighted to be voicing 'Neva' the magical white bear and several other characters in the Boonie Squad series by Fantawild Animations




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