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• Award winning voice actor 

• Professional Recording Studio •

Ruth Urquhart - award winning Scottish female voice actor. With over 10 years experience as voiceover artist and character voice actress and a U.K. voice talent. Ruth's exceptionally versatile voice, acting ability, range and accents has made her the voice of multiple characters in  animations, cartoons and video games. Ruth is the voice of commercials, corporates, corporate videos, in house promo, promotional and explainer videos, documentary films, e-learning resources and online learning explainers, medical narration, TV adverts and commercials, radio advertising campaigns. Professionally trained in acting and dubbing Ruth has provided many different accents and character voices for International cinema and movie releases as well as narrating over 150 audiobooks.

Meet Ruth


Ruth Urquhart is an award winning, Scottish female voice over artist and character voice actor. Professionally trained as an actor with over 10 years experience as a voiceover artist, she is the voice of multiple characters in global animations, cartoons and video games.

Ruth has provided voiceovers for TV commercials, global brands and corporate films as well as e-learning and online courses, medical narration, video explainers, and radio adverts.  She has dubbed worldwide cinema released movies and animations as well as providing narration for documentaries and over 190 audiobooks.

Ruth's voice is very versatile with a wide dynamic and age range and array of characters and accents. Winner of the Sovas Award for 'Outstanding Anime: Best Female Voiceover' for the character 'Tock' in Rooster Teeth's RWBY series. Her native Scottish brogue is just one of the large range of accents that she can effortlessly slide between. A Swiss army knife of the voiceover world.

She is.... The Tartan Chameleon!

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© 2023 Ruth Urquhart - she/her

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I have a custom built, broadcast quality, studio, fitted out with professional studio recording equipment. It is soundproof, acoustically designed and treated to suit my voice. My equipment is top of the range producing high fidelity, crystal clear, uncoloured audio. It's a great space to work.

My remote recording capability means that no matter where in the world you are, we can work together to provide the perfect voice for your project, when you need it.

From my home studio I have performed, recorded and produced voiceovers that have appeared in award winning animations, TV & radio commercials, AAA games, documentaries, adverts and audiobooks.

Ruth Urquhart voiceover studio

  Studio Outboard Equipment includes:

  • Neumann U87ai microphone

  • GML 2032 pre amp & EQ/channel strip. 

  • Universal Audio Apollo Thunderbolt Interface

  • Apple Mac Quad Core i7 computer 

  Pro music production software includes:

  • Pro Tools 11,

  • Isotope RX and

  • Universal Audio Plug-ins

  Audio Production:

  • Recording at 16/24/32 bit @ 44.1/48/96kHz

  • Audio files delivered in any required format and quality ie mp3, wav, aif, flac etc

  Source Connect, Zoom and Skype are available if you wish   to 'sit in' on the session. 

  For a detailed studio spec. and equipment list, click the button below.

Professional Broadcast Quality Hi Spec Studio

Clients & Testimonials

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February 2023


Finally got around to updating my news on here!

Since moving to lovely Galloway, work has continued apace. Books, corporates, adverts and a fair bit of animation have dominated.

Voicing Neva and others in the 2nd series of Boonie Squad has now completed.

I still don’t know what platform it will appear on but given Fantawild has just produced another 52 episodes I’m guessing it will eventually be sold! I also provided additional voices for the global cinema release, 'Boonie Bears The Movie -Back to Earth'  and Boonie Bears - Monster plan series!   

My lovely custom built studio is now EVEN better as it has had another refurb which allows me to vary the liveliness of the room.

In May 22  I gave an online talk to the One Voice Conference called ‘An A-Z of Audiobook myths’ which was a lot of fun to do and had great feedback. I also attended the conference which as always is both fun and informative...

Boonie bears-Back to Earth.jpeg

I provided additional voice for Fantawild Animations 'Boonie Bears - Back to Earth' Movie and 'Boonie Bears - Monster Plan' series. I am a neurotic Welsh bus, a tiger from the US and a Liverpudlian gopher, to name but a few. 

Ruth Urquhart, voice actor, voice talent, additional voices, Boonie Bears, Monster Plan
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  +44  7792752409
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Gatehouse of Fleet,

  Dumfries & Galloway,

    Scotland, UK.

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