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Hi, I'm Ruth, an award winning, multi-accented, female voiceover and character voice actor. I'm a professionally trained actor and dubbing voice talent. From audiobooks to games, animations to corporate, documentary and commercial, I can provide you with the voices you need.

My voice is very versatile and I have a wide array of characters. In 2019 I won the Sovas Award for 'Outstanding Anime: Best Female Voiceover' for the character 'Tock' in Rooster Teeth's RWBY series. My native Scottish brogue is just one of the large range of accents that I can effortlessly slide between.

I am after all.... The Tartan Chameleon!

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I have a custom built, broadcast quality, home studio in my garden, fitted out with professional studio recording equipment. It is soundproof, acoustically designed and treated to suit my voice. It's a great space to work.

My remote recording capability means that no matter where in the world you are, we can work together to provide the perfect voice for your project, when you need it.

From my home studio I have performed, recorded and produced voices that have appeared in award winning animations, TV broadcasts, AAA games, documentaries, adverts and audiobooks.

Studio Equipment includes:

Neumann U87ai mic

GML 2032 (with 8355PSU) pre amp &EQ /channel strip. (Beautiful crystal clear, uncoloured pre amp).

Universal Audio Apollo Thunderbolt Interface

Apple Mac Quad Core i7 computer 

A range of pro music creation and production software including:

Pro Tools 11,

Isotope RX and

Universal Audio Plug-ins

Source Connect and Skype are available on request.

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So a New Year and I begin 2020 on a good footing having won  the SOVAS Outstanding Anime Best Female Voiceover Award in Los Angeles in November! Myself and Bruce went to LA to attend the ceremony at Warner Brothers and had a great time out there. We didn’t expect LA to be so green…and hot! And who knew the walk up to the Hollywood sign was so hard?! (there’s a metaphor in there somewhere.)

The award was for my role as 'Tock' in the wonderful anime series 'RWBY' for Rooster Teeth Productions, based in Austin, Texas. As I pointed out in my acceptance speech however, I didn't fly to Texas to record this but simply walked down the steps to my garden studio here in the UK. The future is all about remote recording as more and more VAs have broadcast quality studios, myself included. In this particular job I was the cockney villain. Played by a Scotswoman. Recorded in Yorkshire. For an American company. Isn't technology great!




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