More News...

Last month I attended the One Voice Awards. Of course this year it was virtual which was sad as the best thing about it is getting together with my fellow VOs: The voiceover community really are a lovely bunch. Gravy for The Brain did a stellar job of hosting it via Zoom. I was nominee in the category of  best narrator of fictional audiobooks this time and I didn’t win (the talented Billie Fulford Brown took the trophy this year) but it was SO nice to see everyone, even virtually and we all chatted long after the official awards were over.

So workwise, apart from some amazing audiobooks (More Helen Harper ones, which are so much fun to do) I have in the past few weeks had a couple of corporates directed live from my studio, as well as a video, phone messaging and radio commercial all for a property company. 

I have also been offered further representation by the agency “Duygu Basara, London”. This means that I am now represented by four agents: Manchester Voiceovers, Natural Sounding Voices, Chatterbox Voices and now Duygu. 

(The more the merrier! Now I just need to get some U.S. agents too)


Let’s hope that things get easier for everyone. As I write this the level of infection and local lockdowns are increasing daily and the effect it is having on society is catastrophic. As well as the  personal toll on families and mental health, so many industries are folding and it is particularly heartbreaking to see what is happening to theatres and music venues. 

However, I firmly believe that we as humans have an innate need to tell stories in whatever form and we will find a way to do it, whatever the difficulties. 

Keep safe.