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Video Game Voiceover

  Ruth Urquhart is a Rising Star in Video Game Voiceover and Anime Work.

Are you looking for a voice actress to bring your video game characters' new life and vitality? As game animation and CGI improves the acting talent also needs to upgrade. After all, you do not want to invest a ton of resources into making the perfect scene just to have it not sit right with gamers because you did not pick the right voice actor to really give your character's life.


Whether you are looking for a talented video game voiceover for a single line from a NPC, or a whole game embedded dialog and narration, chose a top voice talent who has received many nominations and wins for her voice work in anime, gaming, commercials, audiobooks, documentaries, dubbing, and more.


If you have a project that requires a female Scottish voice actor, Ruth is right at home. But she is not referred to as the Tartan Chameleon for no reason. She can seamlessly portray other accents or no accent. She has played the role of all the female voices in certain productions and has a variety of skills to pull from in order to bring your characters to life in a way that you may have never imagined. Choose Ruth Urquhart for her talent, professionalism, and experience in the business and you will find your next video game release is full of characters that the players will remember and discuss even after gaming. Fill out the contact form on the web page to make sure she fits your project into this month's workload. As one of the most in-demand UK voice talents with her own professional recording studio, her schedule stays busy, but she is always looking for new projects worthy of her time.

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