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Trained Voice Actor

  A trained voice actor can bring your script to life and elevate your project to the next level.

Ruth Urquhart trained at the East 15 acting school in the 1990s. It was here under the watchful eye of Maggie Berry (Maggie Walker) that she developed her skills and nurtured her passion for character acting. Having a versatile voice, great dynamic range, authentic accents, believable age range from child to granny ensures Ruth can create genuine, real voices with authentic accents that fit the character perfectly.  This versatility has lead Ruth to voice multiple parts for over 6 different animated series and more than 110 animation episodes, several video games and cinema release cartoons. Ruth is a native Scot and has a talent for accents. She regularly find herself voicing all UK accents, Irish, European and US accents.

  Ruth also trained in Bande Rhythmo voice dubbing and works regularly with FDR studios in London. She has a dubbed voices for an international film which is due for release in the UK in the Summer of 2023

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Animation Channel

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