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Trained Voice Actor

  A Trained Voice Actor With Enthusiasm and Passion Can Elevate Your Project.

If you are on the hunt for a trained voice actor with experience, enthusiasm, and passion for the job then check out Ruth Urquhart. Ruth is a trained actor with a wide range of talent and experience that includes voice-overs, dubbing, audiobook narration, commercials, Anima, cartoons, and more. She brings characters to life with bold and remarkable performances.


If you have a character with a Scottish brogue do not hire just any actor. Hire a Scottish Voice actor with a natural accent. Her Scottish accent can be as bold or as subtle as you need, but when you go with a real Scott you will know that it is 100% authentic. She also has done other accents for projects with complete customer and fan satisfaction. She is a Scottish voice actor who can work in many accents.


Contact Ruth Urquhart to discuss your next project to find out if her skill set fits your needs. She has extensive experience and is accepting new clients at the time. When she is not flying across the globe to receive awards for her voice acting you can find her working in her professional studio making sure to meet each of her client's needs in a timely fashion. It is her talent and her professionalism that makes her stand out as a clear choice as you search for your next trained voice actor for your next project. She can handle large scale and short term projects alike. Browse her samples on her website, or check out her Youtube channel that showcases just some of her many voice projects, then contact one of the finest voice actors for your film if you want professionalism and remarkable results.

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