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 In keeping with UK industry rates my basic studio fee is £250.

 Fees for specific projects are additional to this.

 This applies to all work excepting audiobooks which is calculated on a per finished hour basis or where the budget is  low for genuine reasons.

 E.g. an indie gaming company trying to get a game off the ground, or an animator starting out and trying to demo their work. 


 Before I can quote for a voiceover I need to know some basic info:


  • What length is the piece you wish recorded?

  • Where is is going to be used? Will it be broadcast? For how long?

  • What is your approximate budget?

  • Are there any special requirements? (e.g lip synch to video, music composed/added, sound effects etc?)


 Fees include:


  • Script preparation (pronunciation, annotation etc)

  • Professional, noise-free recording using broadcast quality Neumann mic and GML 2032 preamp

  • Editing 

  • Quality control (proof-listening)

  • Free retakes (within reason. If a large part of the script is revised after recording or if the retakes are numerous then a new fee will have to be negotiated)

  • Mastering, formatting and delivery of audio.

  • Optional patch in on Skype or Source Connect to listen in on recording session for any direction that is needed.

  • My experience, professionalism and enthusiasm!

 For a good general guide to UK industry rates please click the button below to Gravy for the Brain's Rate card.



 NB: I always strive to strike the balance between adhering to proper rates and providing reasonable fees.

 I will not be part of the ‘race to the bottom’ where people are competing to provide the lowest price. (You get what you pay for is certainly true here!)

 I am a professional with a professional studio and equipment. 

 This is my living and I always aim to give you  the best voice for your project.

 In the long run getting your project done efficiently by a true professional will SAVE you time and money!


 E.g. Tom wants his corporate video voiced but aims to shave a bit off the price of the VO. After all there are  THOUSANDS of voice overs all vying for the job so let them quote low. Tom goes with the one who is not quite  offering it for free but saying she will do it for £50 and a mars bar (but is willing to drop the mars bar if that’s  too much). The script is sent and he awaits the completed file

 Eventually (two days after he asked for it) he receives a flat vocal performance which is crackly, unedited  and appears to have been done using a cheap mic into an iPhone in what sounds like their bathroom and there  is definitely a dog barking in the background. Tom asks for a re-take with different performance direction  but days later receives virtually a carbon copy of take 1!! Because the work has been done, Tom still needs to  pay the VO but now needs to scrabble urgently around looking for a proper voice artist having wasted time and  money on something amateur.


 The moral of the story is ‘pay peanuts (or mars bars) and get monkeys’.


 SO alleviate that stress in the knowledge you have hired a professional for your project.  

 It is definitely worth it!

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