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C.V. / Résumé


  Ruth is an award winning Scottish voice artist. A classically trained actor with over 10 years experience in voiceover and a background in stage & screen acting, she specialises in character voices for animation and video games. 

   A versatile voice actor who can play characters aged 5 - 90 in almost any accent, she often gets cast for multiple characters for productions. 'The Swiss army knife of the voiceover world'.

   Friendly, versatile, professional and creative are some terms used by directors and clients to describe her. Easy to direct and always goes the extra mile to bring the script life.

   Equally at home working remotely from her high quality studio or in a production facility she takes direction easily or is happy to self direct.



  • Trained actor

  • Versatile voice

  • Huge range of accents

  • Broad playing age 5 - 90

  • Pro tools

  • Audible approved producer

  • Straight or character reads

  • Audio engineering
  • Script proofing & assistance

  • Director

  • Dubbing, ADR, Bande Rhythmo

  • Published playwright.


Only Ruth's most recent work in the spreadsheet below as there are 190+ audiobook entries and 70 corporate & commercial to make. It will be backdated asap.

A full list of all work from 2013 is available on Ruth's Spotlight profile.

Education & Training

East 15 Drama School1990-1993 Performing Arts 3 year course 

Borders College - 1988 Foundation Media Studies 1 year course 

Telford FE College - 1989 Foundation Performing Arts 1 year course

Gravy For The Brain - 2021 Intermediate Gaming Workshop

FDR Studios, Stephane Cornicard - 2022 Dubbing / Bande Rhythmo Technique

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