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My daily commute is a 10 second walk into my garden to my high spec, custom built, studio that we call the 'Pig-Sty'. From here I produce broadcast quality audio in any required format. The studio is tailor made to be totally soundproof using the room within a room isolation design. It has noise free air-con and is acoustically designed and treated with multi-frequency absorbers and a custom built quadratic diffuser to suit my voice and vocal range. It is so well designed and isolated that on 2 occasions when I've done sound tests for production houses, their engineer got back to me and asked if I'd used noise reduction software because there is virtually zero background noise. They were blown away when I said I hadn't, that's just how my studio sounds!

Every step of the audio chain has been meticulously thought through to suit my voice and be as versatile as the performances I deliver.

I wanted purity of sound, total realism and clarity, as if you're sat in the room with me! So after much research and many equipment comparison shoot outs we settled on Neumann mics and GML preamp/channel strip. My engineer said to me "record to tape as clean and real as you can, cos with your VO stuff, if you want to colour your sound, warm it up or to 'sound-match' with another source you can easily do it in post if your recording is clean and pure. It's easier to colour a pure sound than it is to clean up a coloured one." 

If required, the client or director can be involved in a booked recording session via Source Connect or Skype.

My Studio Equipment includes:


Neumann U87ai with shock mount

Neumann TLM 103 mic with shock mount

Avantone C12 valve mic with shock mount

Blue Yeti Studio Blackout USB mic (why you'd ever ask for this, I don't know, but I have one)

Sennheisser 416**


GML 2032 (with 8355 PSU) mic preamp & Eq channel strip. Beautiful, crystal clear, transparent and uncoloured tone. 

D.A.V. BG501 mic preamp. (again, beautifully noise-free & pure, uncoloured tone.)

Fredenstein 500 series rack 

David Hill Titan compressor**


Universal Audio Apollo Twin Thunderbolt Interface


Sennheiser Isolating Headphones

Yamaha HS8 Active Nearfield Studio Monitors

Computing & Software

Mini Mac (late 2012) i7 Quad Core, 2.6GHz (3.3GHz turbo, 64bit architecture), 16GB RAM, 500GB SSD

A range of pro music creation and production software including:

Pro Tools 11, 

Logic 9,

Isotope RX 

Universal Audio Plug-ins including Neve 1073, Neve 1081 and Manley EQs. As well as Neve 33609 and Teletronix LA-2A compressors


Mogami reference microphone cables

Neumann pop shield

Broadband via CAT5

UPS (uninterruptible power supply and voltage regulator)

**These bits of kit are available on request with advanced notice as they live in my partners music production studio.

Experienced Engineer available on demand.

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