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Character Voice Actor

Choose A Trained and Award-Winning Character Voice Actor to Complete Your Project With Professionalism

Anyone who has had to select the best voice actor for a role knows that professionalism and talent are equally important. Ruth Urquhart is an award-winning actor known for talent and professionalism alike. She has experience in a variety of projects including commercials you have probably seen, audiobooks, cartoons, anime, dubbing, documentaries, corporate recordings, and more. If you are searching for a female voice actor for your next project, check out her samples and contact her to see her take on your favorite characters. She can make words on a paper come to life as characters to remember in a way that is remarkable and her calendar books fast so be sure to book your project soon.


Ruth Urquhart has a notable and natural Scottish accent that makes her stand out in the crowd of voice actors. And she can also work with many other accents as each project requires. If you are searching for a versatile character voice actor who has a wide range of accents and emotions to pull from and who has the experience and accolades to back her work, look no further.


As an industry professional Ruth has a state of the art recording studio at her home, so she can do her voice work for clients across the globe. In fact, she just earned a SOVAS (Outstanding Anime Best Female Voiceover Award) for her work in the series RWBY as the character Tock. She performed that voice work and much of her other projects right there in her own studio. No matter the scope of your project, contact Ruth for talent, emotion, and professionalism. She can easily collaborate for your project no matter where you are located on the globe and has experience working on long term contracts and delivering timely recordings.

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