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Award-Winning Voice Actor

  International Award- Winning Voice Actor Ruth Urquhart May Be Available for Your Next Commercial,

Anywhere on the Planet.

Are you an advertiser or business owner looking to produce the perfect commercial that catches the eye and ear, yet does not annoy the consumer? The balance is difficult to achieve, and you better believe that customers will recognize if you hired your niece or best friend as an actor. Even if they are adorable or attractive, you want a professional to represent your business on a national level. Elevate your next project with a professional voice actor. Location is not a factor, if you do not work or live near Ruth Urquhart, you can still commission her for your commercial because she is an industry professional with her own recording studio that is geared for her specific voice. Your finished product can be delivered back to you in a timely fashion, and you will be surprised at how easy it was to hire, collaborate with, and receive work from an award-winning voice actor for your project.


Check out Ruth's website for samples of her work, or her Youtube channel to see some of the past commercials she has been in. You will find that she has a wide variety of work in many styles under her belt. Each of her clients raves about her professionalism, notable accent, and range of emotion. She can act with or without the accent, and as a wide variety of age groups. If you have a project you think she may be right for, contact her to discuss your production and where she may fit in. She is the commercial voice actor you did not even know that you needed to elevate your project to national standards.

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