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  Audiobook Narrator 

A Talented Audiobook Narrator Can Bring a Book To Life.

Not many people understand the world of audiobook narration. They simply download a copy of the latest bestseller to listen to on the go and get lost in the words of their favorite author without having to slow down and stare at the pages. There is more behind the scenes work to make all your favorite books come in audio versions.


Three Things a Skilled Audiobook Narrator Will Do:


  • Read — A skilled audiobook narrator will often be a voracious reader herself. You can hear the passion for the current book and sense the enthusiasm for literature in general when the narrator is a book lover.

  • Act — A narrator does not simply read the book aloud and call it a day. A skilled audiobook narrator must also be a talented actor who can play the role of each character in the book with subtle nuances in accent, tone, and pauses. It is a skill that must be learned, and an art that must be perfected in order to deliver an impressive recording.

  • Prepare in Advance — An audiobook narrator worth her salt cannot pick up the book the day of and deliver a finished product without some preparation. The narrator will need to take note of the characters in the book to clearly portray them without going over the top. She will also need to read through and observe terms like whisper, yell, cry, stated angrily, so the dialogue is said properly and time is saved on re-recording. The job is not as simple as it may seem.


If you are on the market for an audiobook narrator or voiceover actor with extensive experience, a professional recording studio, and clear samples of her work to browse through check out Ruth Urquhart. You will enjoy hearing your book come to life with her skilled voice acting talents.

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