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         videos and TV clips

An exert from RWBY Series 6, Episode 7. I voice the character 'Tock', who is based on the crocodile from Peter Pan. All 6 series and the full version of this episode 'The Grimm Reaper' are available to watch on the RoosterTeeth website www.roosterteeth.com

In this advert I did for Wilco, I play a Mancunian bird. Done on location in a Manchester park and produced by Gate Films.

Here is episode 2 of the Wilco advert I did. I voice 3 of the 4 characters. Produced by Gate Films.

This is an animation for the children's charity VIVA.

The VO and music was recorded and produced in my studio.

This a great example of what composer Bruce Reid and I can produce as a team.

UNICEF video promoting world wide education. Recorded in my studio for 'Man Vs Magnet' advertising agency in U.S.

This UNICEF video is about education in Cambodia. I recorded the VO in my studio and the video is produced by Asian Media Lab.

World Health Organisations video about well being. Recorded in my studio in the Summer 2015.

Unison 2014 TV advert. I am being a geordie on this. Produced by The Good Agency and Space City. It's a good ad for a good Union. 

BHS Christmas 2013 Advert. I am all the female voices...it's not every day you get to play Little Miss Chatterbox, Hello Kitty, a packet of Lovehearts and a very posh BBC radio announcer! Recorded in London in a Soho studio and produced by Cherryduck Productions.

Beautifully done animation focusing on EU policy regarding undernutrition in children and what can be done to tackle it.

Recorded in my home studio and produced by Bliink.

Upbeat promo for Amatus, a communications company, narrated in my Scottish voice. Recorded in my home studio (with original music by my partner Bruce Reid) and produced by Business News Television. 

Copyright ©2018, Ruth Urquhart.

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