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April 2018


       Spring is finally here and I have emerged long enough to blink in the sunshine, exclaim ‘I’m melting!’ and retreat back to the shaded silence of my lovely new garden studio. I finally moved in in February after my partner, the multi-talented Bruce Reid completed it. It is such a great space and feels very luxurious. When I moved in, I duly sent off recording samples of room-tone to all the various different production companies I work for. Most got back saying it was  perfect, but it was even more gratifying when one producer wrote back, ‘Please send raw recording with NO processing.' I had to, (somewhat smugly), inform him that it was a raw recording with no processing! He then got back saying ‘WOW! In that case it’s excellent! So quiet!’

       2018 so far, has been very audiobook busy.  I have now done over 50 audiobooks since I started in 2014 and I am very grateful to have continued work with companies such as Tantor Media, Bee Audio and Whitehouse Sound. As well as, of course ,my ongoing  direct work with the lovely author CA Szarek. She contacted me the other day to tell me that our audiobook of “Rogue’s Call’ is a finalist in the RONE (Reward for Novel Excellence) awards! It is lovely to be recognised in this way, as it is often quite hard to gauge how audiobooks are being received. Usually the only indication is by listener ratings and reviews on Audible and they are so subjective. I have been called a ‘horrible narrator’ and  a ‘superb narrator’ for the same book! Narrating audiobooks is a very complicated art form and it always both a challenge and a joy to do. I continually strive to be the best I can at it and I never stop learning.

Anyhow, currently I am working on a fun series of murder mysteries by Celina Grace and just beginning an epic four 12hr fantasy book series by Katherine Kerr as well as CA Szarek’s ‘Highlander’s Portrait’ . Little bits and pieces of other work are coming in too,  from CBBC trailers at the BBC in Salford to a video for the NHS I completed last week. As ever, I adore voiceover as it is so varied and interesting and always keeps me busy. I am off to the One Voice conference in London later this week which I am very excited by, as it will be four days of talks and workshops of everything VO related.

On which note...I better get back to it if I am to make headway with these books before I leave on Thursday. 

Happy Spring and do get in touch if you need me for your project.


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