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Nov 2018

Wow. How the year has flown!

It’s been a fun filled voice work year so far and I am loving all the various challenges that working as a voice actor brings. My last update was a while ago so where to start?

Well, at the end of April, I did take part in the wonderful One Voice Conference where I attended many workshops and talks, met some amazing people, drank too much gin, regretted drinking too much gin and also successfully avoided partaking in the Karaoke. 

At the time of the conference there was many things that I thought ‘well I know this already’ and I did start to wonder if it was perhaps too ‘beginnery’ for me. But when I came away from it and mulled over the experience, I decided that I had learnt new stuff too and being with so many other voice professionals in itself was both a joy and very educational. I will be going back…and I have also booked on to the VO Atlanta conference in March which I am very excited about. (My only reservation on that one is it falls at the exact time we are supposed to be leaving the EU…so will I get back in to the UK?!)


Whilst at One Voice, I also met the lovely Tracy McCoull who was just about to launch a new agency called ‘Natural Sounding Voices’ in Newcastle. I am now on their books and looking forward to working with their clients.


Over summer, I went to get my new gaming and animation reels done with Kirsty Gilmore of She is FANTASTIC. I came away feeling like I had just had a two day workshop with a great facilitator and I am so happy with my new reels.  I thoroughly recommend Kirsty and I have booked in to do my audio drama reel with her next month. Check out my new reels on my ‘Listen’ page.


I can now officially state that I am an ‘Award Winning narrator’ too. Myself and the author Jennifer Trethewey won the Historical Romance audiobook category in the ‘Sultry Listeners Awards’ for the audiobook of Tying The Scot.  Delighted to get this and I am really pleased for Jennifer too as her books are great fun to narrate, with well written characters and so much humour. I have just finished recording the third in her Highlanders of Balfours series. Forgetting The Scot is now available on Audible.


As usual I have been doing many MANY other audiobooks too with little corporate jobs in between and I was very lucky to get to play a commander in an indie game called Base Zero Command (which I LOVED doing!) and two audio dramas, one a piece called What Were You Expecting by Nicholas Mortimer for the London Design Festival playing a futuristic job centre worker, and another called Fright Night through Matchmaker Media. This came out on Halloween via the Alexa device in people’s homes (so listeners were able to interact and choose which way the story went).

I also had a lovely little job with Rooster Teeth Productions playing a cameo in their amazing anime series, RWBY. That was a real privilege to do and I'm looking forward to seeing what magic the Rooster Teeth team have worked when it comes out next month. Though I am happy with any decently paid VO work, this kind of character based stuff is what I love the most. 

That’s all for now, and remember If you need a versatile, easy to work with VO with a great studio, then I’m your lass.


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