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February 2017  

It is an eon since my last update and it has been a busy six or seven months since I last posted. The world has shifted a quite a lot on its axis and sometimes talking to oneself inside a box seems like a good course of action :-) So I have upped my audiobooks to 30 plus, I have been the voice of a fake public toilet on the streets of London to highlight the issue of internet surveillance, the voice of the Scottish TV broadcast for the Remain campaign (shame I didn’t do the English one too, who knows, maybe we would have got a different result…) been an elderly Scottish woman for the charity GroceryAid, done my first telephony gig for a haulage company and done countless other promos, corporates and commercials.
I also have begun a great working partnership with the American author CA Szarek and I am currently working on her 3rd Kings Riders Book ‘Rogue’s Call’. It’s been great working with her and having ongoing work with her…it’s a bit like having a salary (A what!? my fellow actors/voice artists cry) as every so often she will put another pfh payment into my account.
I also continue working for BeeAudio, (now also known as Worldwide Audio) and I LOVE this company. High quality work, so professionally done and so ethical that they upped the per finished hour rate to compensate for the weakened pound against the dollar.
They also give me heaps of work which I am always grateful for. Towards the end of the year they gave me a series of six regency romance audiobooks ( The ‘Archer Family’ Series by Amy Corwin) which I have just completed.
Just before New Year I came down with a horrible cold which scuppered my narration for around 3 weeks (a pharmacist I spoke to said that viruses like these do last ages these days.) I don’t think I have ever had a cold last as long and I started to think my voice would never go back to normal. After trying everything under the sun to stop me sounding like the man in the 80s Tunes Ad, time has finally healed it and I am so relieved to be able to work again.
I did manage to get in my contribution to ‘Twisted 50’ , a new anthology of horror stories written by 50 authors and voiced by 50 narrators and I am very excited to be a part of that too.
Anyhow, a very belated Happy New Year and lets hope that 2017 brings many interesting voice projects. And world peace too, obviously.

Copyright ©2017, Ruth Urquhart.

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